Agriculture in the WTO - ET200414E

The objectives of the course are to acquire:

1. enhanced knowledge of the basic principles of the WTO;
2. enhanced knowledge of the WTO disciplines regarding agriculture;
3. improved ability to interpret relevant information and documents on WTO-related issues, and to use the WTO legal texts and related background materials.

Course level: Specialized course, intermediary level.

Pre-requisite: Proficiency in the course language.

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M 0

Course Guide

M 1

Introduction to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Basic Principles and Market Access Rules in the WTO

M 2

Exceptions to the Basic Principles, Trade Remedies and Dispute Settlement in the WTO

M 3

Introduction to the Agreement on Agriculture

M 4

Market Access in the Agreement on Agriculture

M 5

Domestic Support

M 6

Export Competition

M 7

Export Restrictions and Prohibitions and Net Food-Importing Developing Countries

M 8

Negotiations on Agriculture

M 9


*WTO online courses are open to governement officials from developing and least-developed Members and Observers.